Top Interesting Facts about the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Peninsula of Michigan

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is known as the one of the great peninsular that joins the 3 Great Lakes, Wisconsin, and Mackinac Bridge. It is placed as a sandwich between the two peninsulas and is known as the Mackinac Island. There are many things you can do when you visit the Upper Peninsula, and some of the things are skiing, walking, mountain riding, and many more. We will see some of the facts you may or may not know about Michigan. Without creating any further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

The Mackinac Bridge Fees have Changed

The first and the foremost one on the list is none other than the Mackinac Bridge and its fees structure. For a vehicle to pass the bridge, they have to pay at least a $4.00. However, those who don’t know when the bridge was first opened for the first, and the only time, people had to pay a $3.75. This change is mainly because of the ferry charges, the fare for both on water and land is the reason for the change.

One of its Cities was sued by a President

The second fact about the city is when then United States President, Teddy Roosevelt when he sued the newspaper that made a huge effect in the states that it had to go through some serious issues and risks.

It is Home of the Gipper

For those who don’t know the upper peninsula of Michigan is very fond of Gipper and is the home for the same. Geroge Gippa, otherwise known as the “The Gipper” and is known to have emerged and born in the Lauriym, that is considered as one of the towns from the Upper Peninsula.


It has the Last County

The next one on the list is that the Upper Peninsula consists of eighty-three countries and the last and the final one is also from the Upper Peninsula and is known as the Dickinson County. This last country was formed in the year 1891 and had some destinations and attractions for you, and is one of the reasons why you must visit the town.

It has the Largest Inland Lake

Next fun fact about the Upper Peninsula is that it is home to the largest inland lake. The largest and the vast lake is known as the Lake Gogebic and run almost fourteen miles long and two and a half miles wide.

It has Different Time Zones

Another fun fact about the region is that the peninsular region is home to different time zones that you may even not know. You can find Eastern Time Zone as well as Central Time Zone in various parts of the peninsular regions. Michigan is located in the former one and Iron, Dickinson, Gogebic, and Menominee in the later region. While visiting be sure to bring back a gift. This is a perfect find for a gift for the impossible man. This would be something from a trip and unique to your memories.

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