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Mail Delivery To And From Bessemer-1897

Learn about the history of Bessemer city and the major events that shaped the future of America.

Sylvania Club Visitor’s Register

Find the right accommodation during your stay at the most affordable prices. Get the nearest accommodations to the tourist spots.

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Support our cause of saving the history of the city with donations and volunteering for charity works.


Thomaston West to the State line

Visit the most known historical sites in the city and learn about what went behind such monuments and at these historical places from your professional tour guide. If you need a new historical sign American Sign Letters can make you one.

Wakefield Jct
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1888 Bessemer, Michigan Business & Mining Directory

Find complete records of the directories and mails recorded from 1888. Learn about the major news events in a well-organized gallery.

It was a once in a lifetime experience for me to explore such a rich history of my own city. This is a project that I completely support. I have a historic house I had estate cleanouts springfield empty everything and then I started.

Koby Shiers
Tourism Manager

I had an amazing time taking the tour and volunteering for the history tours. Now I am a regular member of this community, which serves everyone well.

Romona J. Grant
Tourist Guide


We are connected to the top industries while protecting our community and the history of Bessemer.


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