Logger Carving Statue
Commisioned for our Ethnic Commons Park in Bessemer
More pictures of the park will be taken when the grass is green again.

In addition to the statue pictures there will be others showing the 6 ethnic flags etc.

A miner statue is located on the Sophie Street end.
  The Historical Society commissioned this wooden statue of an old time logger.
It will be located in the Ethnic Commons Park near Moore Street.
The log used was from an Eastern White pine which was about 193 years old. It was a
sapling around 1820 and was about 64 years old when Bessemer was founded. The tree was
located  in Ontonagon  County on property owned by the Steiger Timber company.
The log was harvested in 2013 at which time the stump diameter was 35. An 8 foot section
was stored at the Steiger log yard and was donated by them for use as this statue which
commemorates a part of our past. More logging information can be found in the logging
story on our home page.